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6898f4c No.2[Reply]

sticky pls
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f847b6a No.7

thanks friend

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e41bc1e No.8[Reply]



I have made this imageboard database as my first PHP project.
It would be really nice if you consider adding your board to the database.

Thank you very much and sorry for shilling. Have a nice day

c5ef7b1 No.9

we're good thanks friend

59092d1 No.11

I'm really sorry, but I had to redo the database, and I lost all boards, so consider adding your board again

I'm sorry for shilling my place again :(

c5ef7b1 No.12

I didn't add it. you're welcome to add us if you want friend, and if you need help you can contact me but I won't be adding us. The imageboard was created as a way for friends on twitter to share images and files on here without having to worry about file limits or compression. that's the only reason this exists. not trying to be popular or anything. just exist for friends on twitter.

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you want more info twitter.com/grafcx

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c0d376a No.1[Reply]

If you own this girls walk into your house and their clothes just fall off.

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