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Nigger board for Gamer Words

File: 1590788126678.jpg (148.85 KB,850x881,EUVjC-BXkAAcQCx.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

cb515e5 No.35[Reply]

This is my lovely wife Yui. I would like to see yours. Please post her!

385bc26 No.37

File: 1593048834817.png (506.32 KB,716x1011,__tedeza_rize_gochuumon_wa….png) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

Rize is love!

File: 1589676146860.jpg (70.4 KB,850x654,HQQXyQe7.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

de8f588 No.7[Reply]

This is a German warship
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6a51478 No.9

File: 1589676449602.jpg (53.77 KB,533x680,EXFtuFEVAAEpMdM.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

This is a whore

de8f588 No.10

File: 1589676541691.jpg (403.19 KB,707x1013,1568867250783.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

This is an Italian semiautomatic shotgun

6a51478 No.12

File: 1589677065500-0.png (227.48 KB,480x393,1552700745004.png) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

File: 1589677065500-1.png (197.1 KB,433x670,1552693552047.png) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

File: 1589677065500-2.png (1.08 MB,1398x1857,1552692784974.png) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

these are crimes

de8f588 No.21

File: 1589705007138.jpg (197.16 KB,843x1200,EXJ6WXKUMAAuSVY.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

This is my wife!

4274f72 No.36

File: 1591952786778.jpg (367.2 KB,2000x2500,monster, goddess earth cha….jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

this is our world.

File: 1589791724502.jpg (484.45 KB,1214x1720,__souryuu_asuka_langley_ne….jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

9eb8275 No.32[Reply]

I've never seen the show but if you asked me if I wanted a spunky energetic tomboy lite gf over someone that's an autistic sperg and technically my mom there wouldn't even be any decision to make. Rei fags why do you hate yourself so much

f9c30c3 No.33

apparently japanese men like rei because she is quiet and hate asuka because she is overly confident and opinionated. Apparently in japan having an opinion is basically like saying the N word

8b739ef No.34

>Apparently in japan having an opinion is basically like saying the N word
this should be true everywhere if you're a w*man

File: 1589776130094.jpg (165.23 KB,1918x1283,ERb2JSpVAAEvOWK.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

8410edc No.30[Reply]


File: 1589754199192.jpg (142.16 KB,850x1128,__papi_monster_musume_no_i….jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

1ac29dd No.26[Reply]


c2387e7 No.27

go on

3ceee1f No.28

That's why you shouldn't watch anime

c2387e7 No.29

I don't see anything wrong with this image

File: 1589737485785.mp4 (3.64 MB,480x360,Hajime no Ippo Ending 1 -C….mp4) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

a7ab101 No.25[Reply]

this is the best one in my opinion

File: 1589718869327.mp4 (11.91 MB,1920x1080,Zero Two hitting a pan [TY….mp4) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

7ad220e No.23[Reply]

zero two hitting a pan type beat fo this morning

File: 1589717208612.jpg (25.21 KB,516x387,IMG_20200517_023535.jpg) ImgOpsExifGoogleiqdb

bfbe8b7 No.22[Reply]

really thinking about this image

File: 1589700103203.gif (3.43 MB,480x480,1588970854140.gif) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

abc9aa1 No.20[Reply]

So what's everyone watching this season? Apparently some shows are on hiatus, but Kaguya, Jashin Dropkick, Bookworm, Bakarina and Princess Connect are all going.

File: 1589680761515.mp4 (7.64 MB,1280x720,TdcBQqdjroWL3_O7.mp4) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb

5a4d55a No.17[Reply]

Make memes with this

9ca3330 No.18

crispr moment

ac460b7 No.19

File: 1589683591009.webm (9.01 MB,1280x720,2Qt6veno.Jpg Medium-1.webm) ImgOpsGoogleiqdb


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