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post wives

This is my lovely wife Yui. I would like to see yours. Please post her!
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This is a German warship
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Asuka over Rei

I've never seen the show but if you asked me if I wanted a spunky energetic tomboy lite gf over someone that's an autistic sperg and technically my mom there wouldn't even be any decision to make. Rei fags why do you hate yourself so much
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Anime endings

this is the best one in my opinion
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zero two hitting a pan type beat fo this morning
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really thinking about this image
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Seasonal Anime

So what's everyone watching this season? Apparently some shows are on hiatus, but Kaguya, Jashin Dropkick, Bookworm, Bakarina and Princess Connect are all going.
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Chika green screen source

Make memes with this
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illya fan thread

I love illya so much
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anime scenes that didn't end well

anime scenes that didn't end well
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post anime girls with canon smelly pussies
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chino I'm coming home

Do you believe in an afterlife?

Would chino be waiting for me there?
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you wouldnt fuck a bratty bumblebee
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I want racist bird babies

I would marry papi and fill her nest with eggs. I would raise my bird children to be racist and sexist and homophobic.